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Advice & Support

Advisor at Condor Arnhem bv for education programs to technical weapon specialists.

Advising employee at COBBS Industries, International Supply Firm for tactical equipment to Governments in the Firearms, Ammunition and related articles business.

Advising the International Research organization TNO about education and certification in the Firearms and Ammunition business.


Dutch organization for trade in Firearms & Ammunition (LOI, NVW and VVJS):

  • Advised in the structure, the final requirements and the content for the official Government certification in Firearms and Ammunition trade.

  • Advised about contacts with the Dutch Government and Police Academy.

  • Secretary support and external contacts.

Advising in public relations & communication Geweermakerij Elspeet, hunting & targetshooting supply shop.


Freelance writer of various weapons engineering articles in the Dutch gun magazine SAM.



Subcontractor at Condor Arnhem bv for designing, organizing and conducting courses for the education of technical weapon specialists at the Dutch Police.

Dutch Police Equipment Department:

  • Developed, written, coordinated and lectured courses for Technical Firearm Specialists. 

  • Coordinating lecturer in six months courses for Technical Firearms Specialists.

  • Certified Walther pistol Armourer.

  • Certified H&K rifle and machine pistol Armourer.

Contributed in smallarms test programs for the International Research organization TNO.

Dutch Police Academy (Politieacademie):

  • Guest lecturer and certified examiner for the official Government certification for Firearms and Ammunition trade.

  • Developed and written courses and examinations in Firearms and Ammunition technics.

  • Developed, written and lectured a course about Firearms for Forensic personel.


Dutch organization for Trade in Firearms & Ammunition (LOI, NVW and VVJS):

  • Developed and organized Firearms and Ammunition courses for the Firearms trade.

Written an lectured a Firearms Maintenance course for the UAE (Dubai) Police.

Lectured courses Ammunition Technics and Handloading at the Dutch Army (KCW&M) and various target shooting organisations.​

Set up and lectured a course for shop personal to sell Air and PCP weapons

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